Aurora Libraries

Educational opportunities from the Aurora Libraries

To Learn to Use Information Resources on the Aurora Libraries Intranet Site (ALIS) and the Internet

The Aurora Libraries Intranet Site (ALIS) is on the Aurora Intranet. It is available to Aurora employees and physicians from work or home.

Resources include:

  • From OVID Technolgies: MEDLINE, CINAHL, HealthSTAR, ClineGuide, Medweaver, PsycInfo, Evidence-Based Medicine, Clinical Evidence, and full text books and journals
  • UpToDate
  • MICROMEDEX, Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
  • Health Reference Center, Well Connected, and MEDLINEPlus (consumer health information) 
  • Scientific American Medicine (internal medicine textbook online)
  • BadgerLink (general magazines, newspapers, business databases)
  • The Aurora Libraries Online Book Catalog (ALICAT)
  • Also available are online Library request forms, Web links for different types of health professionals, ALICAT to check book availability or links to journal full text, health care news sites, and general information about the Aurora Libraries.

For any of the following educational offerings, please contact an Aurora Librarian to discuss and arrange a date.

  • Aurora Library - SLMC: (414) 649-7357
  • Hurwitz Medical Library - ASMC: (414) 219-6710
  • Ziebert Medical Library - WAMH: (414) 328-7910
  • Eliza Prange Library - ASMMC: (920) 451-5597 
  • Community Resource Library: ABMC - (920) 288-3058

Phone tour of ALIS

You and a Librarian are both connected to the Aurora Intranet and on the phone for a quick (15-20 minute) tour of the types of information available to you on ALIS.

Capacity: 1 person
Advantage: No Travel!

In library ALIS demonstration

You come to one of the 4 Aurora Libraries for a quick 30 minute demonstration of how to search MEDLINE on ALIS, pointing out other resources as well.

Capacity: 1-3 people
Advantage: It's short and gets you started

ALIS demonstration where you work

A Librarian will attend your Staff Meeting or come to your location for customized demonstrations of ALIS resources (10 minutes to 1 hour).

Capacity: Small group
Advantage: Convenient and tailored to your interests
Requirement: You have an Aurora network connection or modem line

ALIS sampler class

Do you have a group of at least 4 people? Arrange a 1, 2, or 3 hour class to learn to use the online databases, books, journals, evidence based medicine or consumer resources on the Aurora Libraries Intranet Site (ALIS).

Capacity: 4-12 people
Advantage: There is enough time for teaching and hands-on practice. It can be customized!

Objectives: After this class, participant will be able to:

  1. Access the Aurora Intranet and do simple MEDLINE or CINAHL searches.
  2. Print articles online or order journal articles from the Aurora Libraries online.
  3. Find and print easy-to-understand health information for patients.
  4. Locate medical textbooks and journals online.
  5. Search the Aurora Libraries Online Book Catalog.
  6. Use the best evidence - learn to use EBM resources.
  7. Locate reliable drug information.