Aurora Libraries

Our services

Reference service

Call your Aurora librarian if you need a quick fact from a directory, dictionary, statistical source, textbook, or from the Internet.

Literature searches

The Aurora Libraries have access to hundreds of biomedical, business, education, and news databases. A list of articles on your topic can be provided by a librarian to meet your time frame.

Interlibrary loan

Library staff can obtain journal articles and books not available in-house through a nationwide resource-sharing network. Articles may be faxed for urgent patient care or administrative needs.

Current Awareness Service

For any topic in which you have a continuing interest, your librarian can create and save a search strategy in an appropriate database and mail or email monthly updates to you.

Do your own searching

Computer workstations are available in each Aurora Library for individuals to conduct their own literature searches. Access to the Aurora Libraries Intranet site (ALIS) is also available from Aurora network-connected PCs or from home or office via modem or your ISP.

Verification of bibliographies

Given one week's notice, your librarian will verify your list of references for the article or book chapter that you are writing.

Photocopy services

Photocopy machines are available in each Aurora Library. Medical staff, students, and Aurora employees may use the photocopy machines for work-related copying at no charge. Personal copying may be done at 10 cents per page.

Aurora Libraries databases

Examples of Aurora Libraries databases especially useful to physicians include:

  • EBM
  • ClineGuide
  • Books @ Ovid
  • PsycInfo
  • UpToDate
  • Micromedex drug database.

Other databases are focused toward health information for consumers or are of more general interest, such as Scientific American and Badgerlink.