Tertiary Access Program

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Tertiary Access Coordinators

Patients are most vulnerable when they require tertiary care to provide acute specialty services that cannot be provided in their community. They are leaving behind their familiar community hospital and the physician who knows them best. Aurora's Tertiary Access Program helps makes this process easier for the referring physician as well as patients and their families.

Aurora's tertiary access coordinator is a registered nurse who is uniquely trained to handle a variety of situations. The tertiary access coordinator:

  • Works closely with critical care physicians, other specialists and interventional teams
  • Assists in arranging patient transfer
  • Coordinates the admission process, bed placement and transfer of medical records
  • Updates referring physicians on transfer completion and proposed initial interventions
  • Works with family members to facilitate a positive hospital experience
  • Ensures that patient reports are sent to referring and primary care physicians in a timely manner

The tertiary access coordinator starts with linking the patient up with the specialist best able to care for them, it continues once the patient arrives to ensure that family members know where they can get their dinner and a place to stay.

It also involves keeping the home community's medical providers aware of the patient's progress. As a nurse who has worked for 15 years in a community hospital, Beiler knows how important it is to learn the outcome of a patient transferred to a tertiary care facility. The primary care provider's knowledge of the findings, intervention and outcomes of the patient's tertiary stay will be pivotal to his/her continued care.

The program coordinators are available Monday through Friday.

Joy Bonham, RN, BSN
Brenda Martinez, RN
Kristen Willis, RN , BSN
Aaron Wolfgram, RN, BSN
Linda Berezowitz Administrative Assistant
(888) 444-0289

After hours, specially trained clinical nurse coordinators are on-site and ready to assist with all transfer details.