Continuing Medical Education

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Aurora Health Care Continuing Professional Development mission statement

The mission of Aurora Health Care is to promote health, prevent illness, and provide state of the art diagnosis & treatment whenever and wherever we can best meet people's individual and family needs. Aurora is committed to improving the quality of health care and health outcomes for people today, through the rapid and broad application of current knowledge. Aurora supports and encourages the education of health care professionals and the ongoing quest for evidence-based knowledge in order to contribute to the quality of health care in the future.

Our CME program facilitates this mission by providing educational venues to our participants that maintain and enhance their knowledge of evidence-based information, provide them with strategies to apply that knowledge, and provide them with skills to overcome barriers to effective practice with ideal patient outcomes. We strive to improve patient care through education on systems based practice as well as enhance the participants awareness of the diverse needs of our patients so that health care is provided with the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and economic needs of the patients in mind. It is expected that the participant will not only increase their knowledge but will improve their ability to apply that information while caring for their patients. The anticipated end result will be enhancement of the quality of medical care delivered with the hope that that will improve patient outcomes.


The purpose of Aurora CME is to plan and execute exemplary educational activities based on the needs of our participants with the end result being to enhance the participants knowledge of evidence based medical information and skills to apply that knowledge, resulting in an influence on their behavior leading to better patient outcomes. When appropriate, Aurora will collaborate with, or joint sponsor activities with other organizations in developing and presenting learners with activities that deal with emerging issues and topics of common concerns.

Content area

Content is driven by needs assessment and gap analysis. The potential spectrum spans across all areas of medicine and includes but is not limited to: medical knowledge, patient safety, communication skills, professionalism, systems-based practice, and practice-based learning. Content will be evidence-based and reflect "best-practices".

Target audience

Aurora's activities are designed to meet the needs of physicians with the intent of enhancing their competence and improving their performance as it relates to the care of patients. The targeted needs may be that of local, regional, as well as national physicians but are based primarily on the specific needs of Aurora affiliated physicians. Given that physicians practice within healthcare systems and collaborate with a team of health care professionals to comprehensively treat patients, our activities incorporate the "team of professionals" as participants when appropriate.

Types of activities

The development, implementation, and evaluation of all activities incorporate adult learning principles and take into account different learning styles of our participants. The identified needs, content to be addressed, and the expected outcomes are all considered. With that premise, a variety of formats are utilized. A variety of "live" formats are utilized including but not limited to: lectures, panel discussions, question/answer sessions, case-based group discussion, chart review, small/large group discussion, and demonstration procedures. Technology is utilized when appropriate to provide "live" experiences to remote locations as well. Enduring materials is a second modality utilized. In addition, technological advancements have allowed new forms of enduring materials such as computer based interactive instructional materials. Performance Improvement as a platform has been accomplished utilizing a variety tools including but not limited to, live, web-based, and enduring formats. Point-of Care is also part of Auroraís repertoire. Aurora anticipates innovation with regards to formats utilized as a result of ongoing program evaluation and the projected collaboration with outside partners when appropriate.

Expected results

The expected result of Aurora's educational efforts is to impact the continuing professional development of physicians and fulfill our stated purpose. Participants in all activities are expected to agree that educational objectives were met and that the presentation was free of commercial bias. We expect that participants will demonstrate acquisition of new knowledge and strategies for change, as well as an expressed intent to change behavior through self-report or post-activity knowledge assessment. When observed or through self-report, we expect enhanced clinical performance. Lastly, if evaluated, we expect the improved performance to reflect positively on patient outcomes.

Policies Guidelines

As an accredited provider it is the responsibility of the Aurora Continuing Professional Development office to be actively involved in all directly, joint sponsored, or co-sponsored CME activities so that Aurora can maintain itís accreditation status by ensuring compliance with the Essential Areas and Policies.