Continuing Medical Education

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Forms and resources

Forms can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format (.doc/.dot) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, you can download it for free.

Mission Statement

  1. Mission statement

Invitation letter

  1. Invitation letter for presenter

Confirmation letters

  1. Presenter Confirmation Letter Gr Rds & Misc. Conference

Attachments with confirmation letter

  1. Presenter agreement - Agreement must be executed prior to the activity. Please contact the CPD office to obtain an authorized Aurora signature. If you are paying an AMG presenter or 3rd party (i.e., their employer) contact the CPD office for the appropriate form.
  2. Faculty Reimbursements

Objective Form

  1. Presenter Objective form

Disclosure Forms

  1. Powerpoint disclosure slide
  2. Resolution of Conflict Peer Review - please contact the CPD office
  3. Disclosure to Post at Sign-In Table or Entrances to Room

Activity Announcements

  1. Activity announcement for single activity
  2. Activity announcement for CASE conference activities
  3. Activity announcement for multiple sessions within a one-month period

Sheets

  1. Sign in sheet for off site conf with address
  2. Sign in sheet RSS 1 Hour

Evaluation Forms

  1. Evaluation of CME Activity

RSS Post Documentation Checklist

  1. RSS Post Documentation Checklist