RSPP-sponsored workshops

Sept. 19, 2007 - Aurora Research Ethics Day

Ethics Toolbox: To Table or Not to Table, that is the Question
Ryan Spellecy, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin

The Risk: Benefit Analysis – More Benefit and Less Risk for IRBs
Kristen Tym, MA Medical College of Wisconsin

What In the World Do We Do with Exempt Protocols?
Kevin E. Voss, M.Div, DVM, Ph.D (c)
Concordia Bioethics Institute

Tissue and Data Repositories
Don Workman, PhD
Northwestern University

Opening remarks for keynote
Gail Buenger, JD
Institutional official and vice president of Operations, Metro Region, Aurora Health Care

Keynote: Everyday Research Ethics: The Problem of Influence
Don Workman (opening remarks by Gail Buenger)

The Ethical and Social Aspects of Genetic Research on Stored Human Tissues
Keith A. Bauer, MSW, PhD
Marquette University

Therapeutic Misconception: What it is, why it matters, and how to minimize it.
Ryan Spellecy, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin

Mark Repenshek, PhD
Columbia St. Mary's

Compliance and Coordinating Research
Carol Rausch, RN, BSN
Aurora Health Care

Roxanne Pritchard, RN, BSN
Medical College of Wisconsin

Carol Pech, PhD
UW Madison

The Different Roles of Coordinating Research Versus Standard of Care
Cheryl Zywicki, RN, CCRC
Aurora Health Care

Maggie Miller, RN, CCRC
Aurora Health Care

Debra Goodwin, RN, MA, MSCN, CCRC
Aurora Health Care

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