Administrative tool

The purpose of the Administrative tool is to facilitate the evaluation and conduct of research within Aurora Health Care that is not being managed by the Department of Clinical Research. These items are considered for every research study being conducted through the Department of Clinical Research.

This tool is intended to assist administrators who are asked to evaluate and provide acknowledgement to the Research Subject Protection Program (RSPP) relating to the impact of a research study that is proposed to be conducted in the area for which they hold administrative responsibility (department, laboratory, unit or clinic). It is important that each area involved in research understand the responsibility to protect the safety, rights, privacy and confidentiality of each patient/research subject and is cognizant of the resources that may be needed to conduct this study. In its deliberation, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) must take many items into consideration, including the ability of the institution to provide adequate facilities and staffing for the research undertaken.

When an administrator is approached by an investigator (or the investigator's staff) these are some of the items that require consideration when granting administrative acknowledgement (there may be additional considerations that are not addressed in this checklist). This is only a tool to facilitate your evaluation and does not need to be returned to the RSPP office, unless there are specific issues that you would like to bring to the IRB's attention. The Aurora RSPP does require some form of written acknowledgement however; either by signature on the Submission Application, or via e mail acknowledgement.