Conflicts of Interest in Human Subject Research

To manage conflicts of interest related to research, the Aurora RSPP follows Aurora Policy 80. Therefore, all individuals listed as key personnel on a research study must complete the Human Subject Research questionnaire (conflict of interest disclosure) in COI-Smart. The RSPP office will not review any research submission until all key personnel have completed their disclosure in COI-Smart.

  • If you are an Aurora Caregiver you should already have the ability to access COI-Smart. You must add the Human Subject Research role to your profile. Reminder, if your research is federally funded you must also add the PHS funded role to your profile. See instructions.
  • If you are NOT an Aurora Caregiver please contact the RSPP office at (414) 219-7744 for assistance.

Please note that any new or changed significant financial Interest must be reported via COI-Smart within 30 days.

Financial and non-financial interests can pose conflicts for many health care professionals. Conflicts of interest have the potential to compromise patient care and erode patient-physician trust if not fully disclosed and managed by the health care team. In the area of human subject research, persons involved in research activities also have the potential for similar conflicts of interest. In some situations, these conflicts of interest can carry serious ramifications for research.

COI-Smart is the electronic format that Aurora uses for disclosure of information pertaining to a potential conflict of interest. Each research study is reviewed against the disclosures provided by the study's key personnel. If a disclosure indicates that there is a potential or perceived conflict of interest, further information may be requested to determine the significance. The Aurora Research Integrity Committee (RIC) will recommend to the Aurora Institutional Review Board (IRB) ways to manage identified conflicts of interest that have the potential to adversely affect the safety of research subjects or research data.