Research Subject Protection Program (RSPP) Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Prior to submitting ANY research proposal to the Aurora IRB, the Wisconsin IRB Consortium (WIC) or any Aurora approved external IRB, you are required to obtain Research Administrative Pre-Authorization (RAP). RAP is necessary prior to accessing Aurora data or specimens for research purposes, or conducting any research activities at Aurora. RAP should not be misinterpreted as IRB approval.

You must submit your RAP with any submission to the Aurora RSPP. If your submission does not include RAP the IRB review process will not begin.

Please send an email to to begin the RAP process.

A Letter from Nick Turkal, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aurora Health Care

A Letter from Nick Turkal, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aurora Health Care, for the Aurora Health Care research community on the importance of protection of human research subjects:

The history of human subject research is blemished by regrettable incidents that occurred when the rights, welfare, and dignity of those participating in research were neglected. The atrocities of the Nazi concentration camps, the Tuskegee experiments, and the recent deaths of research subjects Jesse Gelsinger and Ellen Roche at other institutions, have caused us all to take a hard second look at how we conduct research involving human subjects.

Aurora Health Care is committed to the protection of all individuals who participate in research opportunities offered by the physicians of Aurora Health Care. This commitment requires that research be conducted according to the highest ethical principles and that each individual fully understands his or her rights as a research subject.

The Aurora Research Subject Protection Program (RSPP) is charged with the oversight of human subject research conducted at Aurora Health Care. Part of these responsibilities includes the management of Aurora Health Care's Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). The IRBs strive to safeguard the rights and welfare of individuals participating in research conducted at Aurora Health Care. In reviewing research proposals, the IRBs ensure that research procedures do not infringe upon the safety or welfare of individuals participating in research. The Aurora IRBs establish institutional policies regarding research with human subjects and ensure compliance with Federal, state, and local regulations and laws governing human subject research.

turkalAurora Health Care requires the highest professional and ethical standards when working with human research subjects. The protection of research subjects is the shared responsibility of all those involved in human subject research at Aurora Health Care. This responsibility is our preeminent calling and mission. Anything less would be a serious breach of the trust placed in us by those individuals who volunteer to help advance scientific knowledge through their participation in research.