IRB Forms

Prior to submitting any research proposal to the Aurora IRB or the Wisconsin IRB Consortium (WIC), you are required to obtain administrative approval from the Patient-Centered Research Office. This approval is necessary prior to accessing Aurora data or specimens for research purposes, or conducting any research activities at Aurora. This administrative approval, allowing the research activities to take place at Aurora, should not be misinterpreted as IRB approval. You may only begin research activities upon receipt of a letter of Aurora IRB approval, or an appropriate written IRB deferral agreement from the Aurora IRB Manager.

The Aurora Research Subject Protection Program (RSPP) office will require written acknowledgement of this administrative approval be included with the IRB submission packet in order to begin the IRB review process. Please contact Vicki Soerens, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Research & Academic Relations with questions or for assistance obtaining this approval. Vicki can be reached via e-mail or by phone at (414) 219-7328.

If your proposal is managed through Patient-Centered Research, the Director or Manager will be responsible for obtaining this administrative approval. A statement from the Manager or Director will be acceptable for this purpose and should be included with the submission of your research proposal.

Thank you for your attention.

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