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Hepatology (3 months)

Nutrition/Motility (1 month)

IBD (1 month)

Research/Advanced Endoscopy ASMC (4 months)

Advanced Endoscopy SLMC (3 months)

Advanced Endoscopy and ERCP: The third year concentrates on instruction in advanced endoscopic procedures: therapeutic ERCP, small bowel enteroscopy, pneumatic esophageal dilation, laser therapy, GI stents and GI manometry. The third year fellow will manage outpatients and inpatients that undergo advanced procedures. The third year fellow is personally responsible for management of patients on the therapeutic endoscopy service. The third year fellow will continue to perform research throughout the last year of fellowship.

In addition, fellows will be scheduled by the secretary to do a one-month rotation in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). This rotation will be at an outside location. During rotations outside of Aurora, fellows will be expected to attend all Conferences and Lectures scheduled on Wednesday.