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The Aurora Geriatrics Fellowship program includes a schedule of weekly conferences and learning opportunities. These include:

  • Bi-weekly Noon Conferences (Monday and Friday)
  • Bi-weekly Morning Report (Monday and Thursday)
  • Weekly Grand Rounds (Friday)
  • Monthly Journal Club
  • Most Difficult Case Conference (held three times per month)
  • Monthly Resident Teaching Stations

Attendance at these conferences is mandatory for all fellows.

Lectures are invited from outside faculty and visiting professors on a regular basis. A key feature of the guest professor's itinerary is a round table discussion with individual fellows about current projects and the fellow's academic career in general.

Attendance at local and national conferences is expected, namely the America Geriatrics Society's meeting, the annual Aurora Geriatrics Institute's Conference, two Wisconsin Association of Medical Directors meetings and the Wisconsin Board Review for Geriatrics.