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Star Model for the Geriatrics Fellowship Program

Practice Areas

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Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit

An inpatient unit within the Aurora Sinai Medical Center campus, the ACE Unit is dedicated to the care of acutely ill older adults. The goal of the Unit is to prevent the decline in cognitive and physiological function so often associated with hospitalization. A faculty geriatrician, who leads a multi-disciplinary team which coordinates care for each patient using sound geriatrics principles, oversees the ACE Unit. The Aurora Geriatrics Fellow not only follows patients admitted to the geriatrics service on the ACE Unit, but also has the opportunity to oversee the Unit in place of the faculty member.

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Geropsych Rotation

The Aurora Geriatrics Fellow spends one month of training in the Geropsych Clinic and in a consultative role for inpatients. Time is spent with a trained Gerophychiatrist at one of the Aurora hospitals.

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Rehab Unit

The Aurora Sinai Rehab Unit is an inpatient physical medicine and rehabilitation facility specializing in intensive therapy services for qualified patients. The Unit is organized around a team approach, with the team including two board certified physiatrists and a large complement of OT/PT/speech pathologists. The team's work centers around "Easy Street," a state-of-the-art facility which offers the chance to practice rehab medicine in a setting as close as possible to a real-world environment. On Easy Street, patients will find a bus, a car, a theater, a grocery store and a bank, as well as re-creations of a home kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. The Aurora Geriatrics Fellow spends one month of their training rotation within this setting, as well as providing rehab consultations in the inpatient and outpatient areas.

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Nursing Home

The Aurora Geriatrics Fellow spends two ½ days per month training at local nursing homes under the direction of Dr. Kanwardeep Singh or Dr. Soryal Soryal. Fellows will be exposed to all areas of nursing home care and will develop competence in recognizing and treating nursing home patients in the most cost-effective manner while integrating treatment options for the overall best care of their patients.

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Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute

This multidisciplinary clinic involves the efforts of a social worker, a registered nurse, a neuropsychologist, and a geriatrician. The team is focused on providing evaluation and treatment of patients with cognitive disorders. This program is one of 12 similar clinics in Wisconsin designed to improve the assessment and care of people with memory impairment.

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Each month-long, off-site rotation in hospice or palliative care exposes the learner to all aspects of end-of-life care, including pain and symptom management, prognosis and counseling of advanced dementia, and grief counseling for family members of patients.

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The Center for Senior Health and Longevity

A complete team of geriatric professionals functions within this clinic, focused on the needs of large urban area surrounding Aurora Sinai's Milwaukee base. Assessment is performed with the assistance of a nurse practitioner, social worker, fellow and a faculty geriatrician.

The Center is a not-for-profit, community-supported agency developed to assist the elderly and their families with the complex medical, social, and emotional issues of aging. The Center's staff assists with coordination of services, provides support and direction, and performs multidisciplinary comprehensive assessments. The assessment includes a home visit by an in-home specialist, a comprehensive in-office exam by a geriatric nurse practitioner, a geriatrician and an Aurora Geriatrics fellow. Also included are reviews of old medical records, laboratory evaluations and a physical examination. At the conclusion of the examination, a patient/family conference is held to discuss issues, concerns and the recommendations of the geriatrician and the geriatrics fellow. The past and present fellows have consistently ranked this experience very highly.

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Other programs

Ethics Consults: The Aurora Geriatrics Fellow and an ethicist do the consult jointly with the ethics committee monthly.

The Geriatrics Fellow will also have several two week rotations with exposure to private practice, community care, wound care, and Parkinson's disease.