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  • Implementation of several "best practice" models to help improve the health of older adults including, but not limited to: Acute Care for Elders (ACE) unit, Hospital Elder Life Program, ACE Tracker software, Geriatric Emergency Department programs, ACE Consult programs, Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute Memory Assessment Program, and the Geriatrics for Specialists Program.
  • Implementation of several "best practice" models in medical education including, but not limited to: Geriatrics Most Difficult/Complex Case Conferences (national conferences hosted by Aurora Health Care), interdisciplinary clinic team discussions, Acute Care for Elders Conference (national conference hosted by Aurora Health Care), interactive teaching stations with medical house staff, home visits as a part of continuity clinic, and teaching sessions in geriatric psychiatry (lead by geriatric psychiatry expert, Dr. Timothy Howell).
  • A committed faculty nationally recognized for excellence in geriatric medicine.
  • A rich setting for health services and medical education research.
  • A health care system committed to excellence in the care of older adults.
  • A culture of service to vulnerable populations of older adults.
  • A supportive setting for fellows to develop their professional expertise.
  • A diverse patient population and clinical sites.