PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency – Aurora Health Care Metro, Inc. Milwaukee, WI

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Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson

Previous Education: B.A. in Biology at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN, and PharmD from Concordia University Wisconsin

Short Bio: I grew up in Grand Rapids, MN and moved to the Milwaukee area in 2013 for Pharmacy school. It's great here! In my free time I enjoy playing the drums, including steel pan and mallet percussion, spending time outside and visiting new places. I also love going home and spending time with my family, and going out on the lake.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: I knew I wanted to be an ambulatory care pharmacist, so there definitely had to be an ambulatory care component. I knew that I wanted to work closely with my patients, and be able to develop a relationship with them. I wanted to be able to work with other health care professionals to ensure my patients received the best care possible throughout their lives.

Why Aurora? The PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program offers unique experiences that you will not likely find in every residency program. This program allows the resident to work within the ambulatory care clinics alongside other healthcare professionals and closely with your patients. Aurora has opportunities for residents in all the areas of pharmacy I am interested in and would like to experience. Aurora also offers many opportunities to work on different projects with different professionals to challenge yourself and truly find where your passions lie within pharmacy.

Current Rotations: Clinical Services, Immunizations, Medication Safety, Practice Management, Ambulatory Care, Staffing

Year-Long Project: Increasing Retention of Patients within the Aurora Health System after Hospital Discharge

Future Plans: I want to fill a pharmacist position at a health system practicing in the ambulatory/outpatient setting. I see myself working in a clinic that helps patients manage their chronic disease states. I would like to be a preceptor for students and residents, and I also plan to stay involved in local and national pharmacy associations.

Kylie King

Kylie King

Previous Education: B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and PharmD from the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Short Bio: I grew up in Racine, WI before moving to rural Wisconsin for high school. I spent the next 7 years living in Madison completing both my undergraduate and pharmacy school courses. I am very excited to explore Milwaukee and be closer to my family. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors playing golf or tennis.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: I wanted to be a part of a health system that facilitates pharmacist collaboration with other healthcare providers, allows residents to precept students and has opportunities for residents to get experience working in the clinic setting. Also, it was important to me to have a co-resident to share this experience with.

Why Aurora? The Aurora PGY1 community pharmacy residency stood out to me in many ways. Most important to me was the welcoming and caring environment. The preceptors are genuinely interested in helping the residents meet their goals and grow as new pharmacists. The Aurora community residency is unique in that you get to practice at two different hospitals which service different populations. The many experiences with diverse populations will allow me to grow into a well-rounded professional. I loved that the residency is split between the community pharmacies and the ambulatory care clinics within one overarching healthcare system. Being a part of a health system makes inter-professional collaboration and sharing vital information easy and encouraged.

Current Rotations: Clinical Services, Immunizations, Medication Safety, Practice Management, Ambulatory Care, Staffing

Year-Long Project: Implement a sustainable bubble packing workflow in an outpatient pharmacy which includes med sync and medication therapy management

Future Plans: My career goal is to work as a clinical pharmacist in the ambulatory clinic setting and continue to staff in a community pharmacy. I also plan to devote the time to precept students and be involved in national and local pharmacy organizations.