PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency – Aurora Health Care Metro, Inc. Milwaukee, WI

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Cassandra May

Cassandra May

Previous Education: PharmD from Concordia University Wisconsin

Short Bio: I was born in Oshkosh, WI. I love to go back home whenever I have the chance to see my family. In my free time I enjoy reading, spending time with friends and family, going to the movies, and spending time outdoors.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: When deciding on a residency, I was sure it had to have ambulatory care pharmacy as a component. I knew that I wanted to work closely with patients and other healthcare professionals and was in search of a residency that would allow me those opportunities. I also wanted to find a residency that would allow me to grow both professionally and personally to be the best pharmacist I can be.

Why Aurora? The PGY-1 Community residency program at Aurora offers learning experiences that would be hard to find elsewhere. This program allows you to work in both outpatient pharmacies and ambulatory care clinics. Aurora also offers the ability to grow and challenge yourself through different projects and patient care opportunities. I chose Aurora because I knew I would be able to make a difference in the community with the help of their organization. I have also been an Aurora caregiver for about 4 years now and love the environment and the people. Aurora feels like home to me and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else!

Current Rotations: Clinical Services, Immunizations, Medication Safety, Practice Management, Ambulatory Care, Staffing

Year-Long Project: Improving workflow efficiency in an outpatient pharmacy to implement a new pharmacy service

Future Plans: My career goal is to work in both an ambulatory care clinic as well as an outpatient pharmacy. I want to build relationships with my patients as well as the other health care professionals I work with to provide the best patient care. I plan to stay involved in state and national level pharmacy associations and take a leadership role. I'm also interested in precepting students and residents so that I can have a helping hand in this growing field of pharmacy.

Lauren Putterman

Lauren Putterman

Previous Education: B.S. in Biology and PharmD from the University of Wisconsin Madison

Short Bio: I grew up in the northern suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Upon graduation of high school, I moved to Madison for the past eight years where I completed both my undergraduate coursework and pharmacy school education. I have worked in a retail pharmacy setting for the past 6 years. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my dogs. Over the past year, I have also started the rewarding work of fostering dogs.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: There were many factors that came into play when choosing a residency program. First, I knew I wanted to work in an outpatient environment where I could develop a more longitudinal relationship with patients. Second, it was important for me to work in an inter-professional environment. Finally, it was important for me to find a group of staff and mentors that would encourage both my personal and professional development as a pharmacist.

Why Aurora? The PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Residency is stationed between both Aurora St Luke's Medical Center and Aurora Sinai Medical Center. Both sites allow for learning experiences serving two very diverse patient populations that will aid in my development as a new professional. In addition, the program offers experience in both the community and ambulatory care settings working under several collaborative practice agreements. The pharmacists at Aurora are very responsive to questions and needs of the patients. It is important to me to be surrounded by a group of pharmacists committed to patient cantered care.

Current Rotations: Clinical Services, Immunizations, Medication Safety, Practice Management, Ambulatory Care Clinic, Staffing

Year-Long Project: Tech Check Tech in the Community Setting

Future Plans: My career goal is to work as a clinical pharmacist in both the retail and ambulatory setting. I want to continue to advance the practice of pharmacy both at my job and through engagement in state and national pharmacy organizations. In the future, I would also love the opportunity to precept pharmacy students and residents.