PGY1 Pharmacy Residency – Aurora Health Care Metro, Inc. Milwaukee, WI

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Kasey Abel

Kasey Abel

Previous Education: PharmD from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

Short Bio: I grew up on a large farm in Southeast Iowa, and after spending 7 years in Iowa City, I moved to Milwaukee! There are so many fun things to do, see, and eat here which prompted me to create a "Milwaukee bucket list" that has become quite lengthy! I'm also a huge Packer's fan, and in my free time enjoy exercising and trying new restaurants and breweries with friends.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: Preceptor and staff enthusiasm, program and health system size, experiential opportunities for residents, state progression in pharmacy, feedback from other residents, interview day "vibes."

Why Aurora? Aurora gave me a unique sense of belonging that I didn't necessarily get from other programs. The advanced educational opportunities, strong mentorship, and enthusiasm for innovative health care makes Aurora outstanding. I was also drawn to the unique pharmacy practice model and the respect other specialties have for pharmacy presence, allowing for such a large impact on patient care.

Current Rotations: Family Medicine, Oncology Clinic, Cardiology, Admin/Drug Use Policy, MICU/ED (Sinai), Cardiothoracic Transplant, Medicine

Year-Long Project: Pharmacists' Skills Gap Analysis

Future Plans: Obtain a clinical pharmacist position within a large health system. I am also considering PGY 2 opportunities this year.

Travis Carlson

Travis Carlson

Previous Education: PharmD from Drake University

Short Bio: I am originally from a small town, Isanti, MN, which is about 40 miles north of the Twin Cities. My hobbies include playing music, listening to new music, and attending concerts/music festivals (I have seen well over 100 shows). I play the drums, piano, and most recently the banjo. I also enjoy traveling and exploring new places (my main focus right now is Milwaukee).

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: I focused on programs that allowed residents to be flexible with their schedules. Programs that excelled in my interests while also giving me opportunities to explore new interests reached the top of my list. I also wanted an atmosphere that valued teaching and had ample opportunities for further residency training.

Why Aurora? My favorite thing about Aurora is the people. Each and every one of the preceptors are dedicated to teaching and are very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. This program is also well established and has a large residency class, which allows for a comfortable learning environment.

Current Rotations: Administration/Drug Use Policy, General Medicine, Infectious Disease, Surgery, Inpatient Oncology, Cardiology, and Surgical ICU

Year-Long Project: Developing a Comprehensive, System-wide Controlled Substances Diversion Prevention Program

Future Plans: I hope to complete a PGY2 residency in Infectious Diseases. Eventually, I would like to become Board Certified, work as a clinical pharmacist in a large hospital, and precept students and residents.

Garrett Fouth

Garrett Fouth

Previous Education: PharmD from the University of Iowa

Short Bio: I am originally from Oglesby, IL—a small town southwest of Chicago. I am a big sports fan and you will find me cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Bears and Iowa Hawkeyes (not very popular choices in Milwaukee). Besides that I love going to concerts, traveling to new cities, and trying new restaurants.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: I searched for programs with a large residency class, variety of rotations available in critical care environments, opportunity for a PGY2, and a progressive pharmacy department.

Why Aurora? In addition to the above, all of my interactions with Aurora representatives have been exceedingly positive going all the way back to Iowa's career fair. The preceptors here are great role models as they are very devoted to their practice and to teaching new residents and students.

Current Rotations: SICU, CICU, Surgery, General Medicine, Admin/DUP, Infectious Disease, Cardiology

Year-Long Project: Evaluation of VRE Rates in Pre- and Post-Liver Transplant Patients and the Outcomes of Implementation of a VRE Screening Protocol

Future Plans: I plan to take full advantage of this year by exploring any and all learning opportunities that are available. I am considering pursuing a PGY2 in critical care and I hope to become board certified in the future.

Aaron Glueckstein

Aaron Glueckstein

Previous Education: PharmD from Concordia University of Wisconsin

Short Bio: I am originally from Menomonee Falls, WI. I now live on Milwaukee's lower east side near Brady St. I enjoy attending the various events and festivals that are going on at any given time in the city. I also love spending time with my family in northern WI at our cottage, floating around the lake on the pontoon boat!

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: I was looking for a strong, well established program within a large medical center. I also looked for programs with strong preceptors and rotation options focusing on both critical care and cardiology, as I am interested in pursuing a PGY-2 in one of these areas.

Why Aurora? As a fourth year pharmacy student, I was unsure of what career path I wanted, hospital or retail. After my first rotation with Aurora I knew hospital pharmacy was for me and this is where I wanted to be. The preceptors are truly dedicated to teaching and building you into a confident and competent professional. Along with this, St. Luke's offered everything I was looking for in a residency program.

Current Rotations: Cardiology, MRICU, Medicine, Cardiothoracic Transplant, Administration, SICU, Surgery

Year-Long Project: Evaluation and implementation of strategies focused on improving compliance of heart failure clinic patients.

Future Plans: I plan on pursuing a PGY-2 residency in either critical care or cardiology. Beyond that, I would like to work within a large medical center with the opportunity to precept future students and residents.

Courtney Horvat

Courtney Horvat

Previous Education: B.S. from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and PharmD from Concordia University Wisconsin

Short Bio: I am originally from the Milwaukee area and am happy to be staying here for residency. In my free time I enjoy trying new restaurants, watching documentaries, and drinking coffee and wine.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: When looking for a residency, I wanted a program at a large institution with a wide variety of rotation options.

Why Aurora? As a pharmacy student I had a few rotations with Aurora and worked here as an intern. I had amazing experiences and was impressed by the preceptors' dedication to teaching and everyone's positive attitudes!

Current Rotations: Infectious disease, administration/drug use policy, surgery, cardiology, general medicine, inpatient oncology, medical/respiratory ICU

Year-Long Project: Development and implementation of a protocol for the optimal diagnosis and treatment of prosthetic joint infections

Future Plans: After this year I may pursue a PGY2 residency or a position as a clinical pharmacist at a large medical center.

Kaitlyn Hughes

Kaitlyn Hughes

Previous Education: PharmD from D'Youville College in Buffalo, NY

Short Bio: I grew up in Brockport, NY, a suburb of the city of Rochester, located in Western New York. I completed my undergraduate studies at D'Youville College in Buffalo, and remained there for pharmacy school. Although it was difficult to leave home, I am very excited to be completing my residency in the city of Milwaukee! When I am not focusing on pharmacy, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going on walks with my dog, and exploring the great city of Milwaukee.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: I was looking for a residency program that had it all: one that was well established, offered a variety of electives, and had opportunities to pursue a PGY2. I was also looking for a program with a larger residency class but could still allow me to explore my interests of oncology and emergency medicine/critical care.

Why Aurora? Aurora has everything I was looking for in a residency and more. While on my interview, I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the preceptors, the great support system the pharmacy department provides for each resident, and the importance Aurora places on patient care. The integrated health system of Aurora combined with their progressive pharmacy practice model provides a great learning environment for residents while providing endless opportunities to have a positive impact on patient care.

Current Rotations: Emergency Department, Inpatient Oncology, Cardiology, General Medicine, MRICU, Administration/Drug Use Policy, Infectious Disease

Year-Long Project: Development and Implementation of Oncology Technician Training

Future Plans: After my PGY1, I would like to pursue a PGY2 in either oncology or emergency medicine. I plan to work as a clinical pharmacist in a large medical center with the opportunity to precept students and/or residents.

Rachael Leek

Rachael Leek

Previous Education: B.S. in Biology from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and PharmD from Concordia University Wisconsin

Short Bio: I have lived in the greater Milwaukee area all of my life. In any spare time I have, I enjoy boating, spending time in Wautoma, WI at my family's cottage, exploring new cities all over, baking, and watching Netflix.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: When considering residency programs, I desired a well-established program, one with more than 2 residents, and with exposure to transplant patients. I also wanted to learn to precept and in this program, I will have many opportunities to precept and receive feedback.

Why Aurora? I have been fortunate to be with Aurora for over six years now and so excited to continue on! I specifically chose to stay with Aurora because of the quality and enthusiasm of the preceptors. I know I am in a program that values the education of their residents.

Current Rotations: Cardiothoracic Transplant, Abdominal Transplant, Surgery, Medicine, Medical ICU/Emergency Department at Sinai, Oncology, Administration/Drug use policy

Year-Long Project: Redesigning experiential education offered by Aurora Health Care and formalizing the longitudinal APPE program.

Future Plans: I have lots of ideas for the future! I am pursuing a PGY-2 in Solid Organ Transplantation, I would ultimately like to work with hospitalized or clinic hepatology patients.

Meagan Loomis

Meagan Loomis

Previous Education: B.S. from North Dakota State University and PharmD from Concordia University-Wisconsin

Short Bio: I grew up in North Dakota and moved to Wisconsin for pharmacy school in 2012 and I love it here! In my free time I enjoy shopping, being active outside, and doing fun, new things in Milwaukee. I love being around my family and friends (and dogs) and love long road trips, especially back home to North Dakota.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: Factors I considered most important were preceptor availability/mentorship, a well-established program where I would receive the best training, and a variety of rotation schedules and opportunities.

Why Aurora? I chose Aurora because the pharmacy staff and preceptors are all so welcoming and enthusiastic. You can tell they invest a lot of time into making this program great and to developing competent pharmacists. I like that Aurora operates as one pharmacy department across multiple locations throughout the state and there is so much opportunity to grow within the system.

Current Rotations: My rotations include surgery, administration/drug use policy, CICU, ID, abdominal transplant, oncology, and medicine.

Year-Long Project: Implementing required sterile compounding training system-wide for both pharmacists and technicians

Future Plans: I would like to pursue an inpatient clinical pharmacist position with the opportunity to precept students. I am also open to the idea of pursuing a PGY-2 in an area such as critical care or cardiology.

Kelsey Olson

Kelsey Olson

Previous Education: B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and PharmD from the University of Wisconsin- Madison

Short Bio: I grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin amongst a family of University of Wisconsin graduates. I spent the past 7 years in Madison completing both undergrad and pharmacy school. I studied abroad in Rome, Italy during my undergrad, and have a love for traveling! I also enjoy exercising, cooking, watching basketball/football, and spending time with my family and friends.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: Opportunities for direct patient contact, length of rotations, rotations within my areas of interest (ID, Psych), residency class size, and opportunities for precepting students

Why Aurora? Aurora considers all staff members "caregivers," regardless of their official job title. They recognize that everyone contributes to the success of the organization, which creates a feeling of unity among staff members from all departments. The pharmacy department has a unique practice model, providing decentralized pharmacists with more time to interact with caregivers and patients. With regard to the residency program, I love having a large residency class, because there are always other residents around to help answer questions and hang out! There are also many opportunities to precept students, become involved in clinical and administrative projects, and to complete rotations in a variety of settings (St. Luke's, Sinai, and Aurora Psych Hospital). Finally, the pharmacy staff members are incredibly kind, intelligent, and encouraging. I knew from the moment I interviewed with Aurora that I wanted to become a member of this pharmacy team.

Current Rotations: Admin/Drug Use Policy, Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Family Medicine Clinic, Psychiatry (Aurora Psych Hospital), Inpatient Oncology, Medicine

Year-Long Project: Tech Certification: creating learning modules/resources for technicians to utilize while preparing for certification exams

Future Plans: Work as an inpatient clinical pharmacist, with some of my time spent in an ambulatory clinic setting

Stephanie Rawson

Stephanie Rawson

Previous Education: B.S. in Biology and PharmD from the University of Madison

Short Bio: Originally from Milwaukee, went to UW-Madison for undergraduate degree and pharmacy school. I enjoy biking around town and drinking coffee!

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: I wanted to be in a bigger city (than Madison), at a large hospital that offered a wide variety of electives. I also wanted a larger resident class, as well as opportunities to precept pharmacy students.

Why Aurora? I really felt I "fit" when I interviewed with Aurora. The people at Aurora are great, and preceptors care about residents and want them to be successful.

Current Rotations: Core rotations: Medicine, Oncology Clinic, Surgery, Administration/Drug Use Policy Elective rotations: Infectious Disease, Inpatient Oncology, CICU

Year-Long Project: Develop a collaborative practice agreement that allows pharmacists to discontinue inappropriate stress ulcer prophylaxis

Future Plans: Inpatient pharmacist or PGY2 in oncology

Meagan Sullivan

Meagan Sullivan

Previous Education: B.S. in Biology from the University of Notre Dame and PharmD from the University of North Carolina

Short Bio: I'm from Northbrook, Illinois (a northern suburb of Chicago). After spending the past four years in North Carolina, I'm actually excited to be back in the land of cold weather and snow! In my free time, I love doing things outside, especially riding my bike, running, hiking, skiing, and exploring new places.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: I was looking for a well-established program at a large medical center with many different types of rotations available. I was also looking for a residency with multiple cardiology rotations.

Why Aurora? The pharmacists at Aurora are very involved in patient care, and they are also devoted to precepting residents. After learning about so many great opportunities here and seeing the enthusiasm of the preceptors and program director at my interview, I knew this would be a great program to be a part of!

Current Rotations: Cardiac ICU, neonatal ICU, medicine, administration/drug use policy, oncology, cardiology, and family medicine clinic

Year-Long Project: Implementation of a pharmacist directed aspirin desensitization protocol for patients requiring dual antiplatelet therapy

Future Plans: I would like to pursue a PGY2 in cardiology. Eventually, I hope to become a clinical pharmacist at a large medical center where I can precept students and residents.

Colleen Whyte

Colleen Whyte

Previous Education: PharmD from Concordia University Wisconsin

Short Bio: I am originally from Warminster, Pennsylvania and lived there until I was 21 when I moved to Wisconsin to attend pharmacy school. In my free time, I enjoy playing with my two cats, watching sports (Go Phillies and Flyers!), and the occasional night of watching Netflix. I really enjoy living in the Milwaukee area because there are so many fun things to do all year long. My favorite Milwaukee attraction would have to be the Milwaukee Zoo!

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: I was looking for a well-established program that had a variety of rotations to choose from, as well as a very supportive atmosphere and PGY2 opportunities.

Why Aurora? Aurora has a great reputation in the community. I was fortunate to have a rotation at Aurora St. Luke's as a fourth year pharmacy student and fell in love with the atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and really wants their students and residents to be successful. A bonus was a large residency class that allows for a lot of support throughout the year.

Current Rotations: MRICU, cardiology, Admin/DUP, surgery, infectious disease, medicine, and inpatient oncology.

Year-Long Project: Implementation of Safeguards to Reduce Harm from Patient Controlled Analgesia

Future Plans: I am currently interested in pursuing a PGY2 in critical care and eventually would like to become a residency program director.

Michael Williams

Michael Williams

Previous Education: B.S. in Molecular Biology from Liberty University and PharmD from Campbell University

Short Bio: Being new to the Midwest from the Virginia/North Carolina area, I have spent much of my free time exploring anything from the lakefront to festivals. I am an avid Washington Capitals hockey fan but also enjoy taking in all other live sporting and musical events – many of which aren't hard to find near Milwaukee. Within pharmacy practice, my current interests include oncology, infectious disease, and transplant.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: Prior to Midyear, I browsed the ASHP list for programs that provided the option for a broad, but solid foundational PGY1. The availability of unique rotation options coupled with opportunities to precept APPE students were key highlights in my search. A larger class size also played a factor and was preferred, as I would likely be new to the area. During Midyear, however, the residency showcase was a great chance to "feel out" the programs based on their reception to your interest.

Why Aurora? Beginning with Midyear, Aurora gave a fantastic first impression. In speaking with multiple residents, they were thrilled to discuss anything from their rotations to projects, or just the city of Milwaukee as a whole. Upon interviewing, the supportive atmosphere and enthusiastic mentorship displayed by preceptors only further confirmed my interest. These reasons, coupled with the characteristics I initially searched for in a program, have led me into wonderful opportunities I couldn't have anticipated at all institutions.

Current Rotations: Core rotations: inpatient oncology, administration/drug use policy, general medicine, and general surgery Elective rotations: infectious disease, abdominal transplant, and NICU

Year-Long Project: Optimizing the HIV continuum of care within a large integrated health system

Future Plans: I intend to pursue a PGY2 in oncology with the goal of becoming a clinical pediatric hematology-oncology pharmacist.

Lindsay Zeihen

Lindsay Zeihen

Previous Education: B.S. in Microbiology and PharmD from the University of Wisconsin Madison

Short Bio: I am originally from Racine, WI, but I consider Madison my second home. I enjoy doing anything outdoors and active including, hiking, biking, swimming, running, etc. I also have a strong passion for traveling and try to do so as often as I can.

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: When choosing a residency I wanted a well‐established program with a large residency class and strong mentorship. I am interested in ambulatory care so choosing a program that offered rotations in both inpatient and ambulatory settings was important to me.

Why Aurora? Going into the interview process, I knew Aurora met all the criteria I was looking for in a program; it was a well-established program with strong mentorship and had a progressive pharmacy practice model with rotation opportunities in both inpatient and ambulatory settings. It was during the interview process that I knew Aurora was the place for me. The residency director, clinical coordinators, and preceptors were extremely welcoming and enthusiastic about Aurora and the residency program and the supportive atmosphere was extraordinary!

Current Rotations: Medicine, Administration/Drug Use Policy, Family Medicine, Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Surgery, NEICU/Epilepsy Clinic

Year-Long Project: Development of a Clinical Quality Dashboard for Ambulatory Pharmacist Services

Future Plans: I would like to work as a clinical pharmacist at a large medical center or academic institution with both inpatient and ambulatory opportunities.

JJ Zieminski

JJ Zieminski

Previous Education: PharmD from Drake University

Short Bio: I grew up in Apple Valley, Minnesota, a suburb just south of the Twin Cities. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, spending time at the lake, home brewing, and watching the Minnesota Vikings. I am excited to explore Milwaukee and experience everything the city has to offer!

Factors Considered Most Important When Choosing A Residency: I primarily looked at large, well-established programs that would give me a strong foundation in cardiology and critical care.

Why Aurora? When I interviewed at Aurora, I made an immediate connection with the preceptors and staff. Their enthusiasm for the program and genuine care for their residents was evident. Additionally, Aurora's unique practice model allows pharmacists to fully integrate into the health care team.

Current Rotations: Cardiology, Surgery, Medical/Respiratory ICU, Cardiac ICU, Emergency Department, Administration/Drug Use Policy, General Medicine

Year-Long Project: Decreasing Time to Antibiotic Administration for Septic Patients in the Emergency Department

Future Plans: I am interested in pursuing a PGY2 residency in critical care or cardiology with the hope of practicing as a clinical pharmacist at a large medical center. I would also like to opportunity to precept and mentor students and residents.