Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology

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Tuition and related expenses

Student fees

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology reserves the right to change the fees for any term. Student fees are approximately $500 annually.


The school charges tuition of $6,000.00 annually. First year tuition is due by October 1 of the current school year. Second year tuition is due the first week of schooling of the second year.

Tuition assistance

The program does not participate in the Federal Financial Aid Program.

Veterans' Educational Assistance Programs
Our institution is approved for veterans' educational benefits. Applicants can verify eligibility by contacting the VA Regional Processing Center at 1-888-442-4551. For an online explanation of programs and application forms go to


The school requires students to purchase books for the program. Students order textbooks directly from the distributor and therefore are responsible for paying for the books at the time the order is placed. We do not have a deferred payment arrangement with the distributor. Text book expense is estimated to be approximately $1,200 for books used through out the entire 2 years.

Uniforms/dress code

Students must wear uniforms and are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of those uniforms in accordance with the school's dress code. This policy is provided to the students upon acceptance into the program.

Field trips

Students participate in several outside activities, including a senior student seminar. The student incurs the cost of these trips.

Tuition/fee reimbursement

Should a student withdraw, tuition is refunded on a prorated basis. Tuition refunds (not including acceptance fee) are available for first year students who withdraw based on the following schedule:

End of the first week, 80%
End of the second week, 60%
End of the third week, 40%
End of the fourth week, 20%
End of the thirty-second week, 1%

No refund of tuition will be made to students dismissed for disciplinary, academic or financial reasons. All other fees are non-refundable.