Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology

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UWM Candidates


UWM students enrolled in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program who have completed 60 prerequisite credits are eligible to pursue professional training in radiologic technology at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology. UWM candidates are required to comply with both UWM and St. Luke's School admission criteria. UWM candidates must be able to document completion of mandatory coursework prior to acceptance into the program. The student is responsible for forwarding an updated transcript or final course report for any mandatory coursework that is incomplete at the time the original application is submitted.

Application Fee

Candidates applying through the UWM College of Health Sciences are not required to submit the $25 application fee.

Application Materials

UWM candidates are required to complete a program application form and the drug screen consent form. The College of Health Sciences determines what specific materials the student must submit and forwards all application materials to the program. Candidates may elect to submit the UWM reference forms in place of the program reference forms.

Completing the Application

College/University Attendance: List each of the colleges and universities you have attended. For each school listed provide the years during which you were enrolled, the school GPA and the number of credits you were awarded by the school. Leave the section entitled Credits Attempted blank.

Prerequisites: For each of the mandatory subject areas select one (1) course that meets the minimum credit requirement. If you have completed 2 or more courses that meet the requirement, select the course for which you received the highest grade. Any remaining elective credits may be in the subject areas of mathematics, natural sciences, communication, social/behavioral sciences or information systems technology. Again, select the course(s) for which you received the highest grade.

Scheduling of Interviews

Interview information is forwarded to qualified candidates via the UWM email account. Personal interviews are typically scheduled from late February through April.

Withdrawing Your Application

If at anytime you decide not to pursue a position in our program please notify the program coordinator at so we may deactivate your file.


Candidates offered a position are required to submit a written letter of acceptance and a $200.00 non-refundable acceptance fee, which will be applied to the 1st year student fee.

Program Fees

All enrolled students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks prior to the start of classes. Students are also responsible for paying fees which are not part of tuition. Students are responsible for paying an annual fee of $250. This fee is not paid by UWM.