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Aurora Sinai Medical Center's Health Science Library is part of the Aurora Health Care Library System of more than 13,000 books and audiovisual materials. Residents can access holdings of the National Library of Medicine and other resource libraries from all Aurora library sites. The libraries offer both mediated and end-user search capabilities. Mediated searches use the National Library of Medicine databases along with access to commercial databases as needed.

The end-user workstations with CD-ROM technology are available continuously and the libraries are accessible to residents at all times. Professional medical librarians provide training.

The Benjamin E. Urdan Memorial Library was established in 1987. This library and conference room, designed specifically for use by OB/GYN residents, was donated by Mrs. Urdan in memory of the former chief of the department.

Educational resources consist of books, journals, manuscripts, video and audio tapes and models. The library also is equipped with personal computers containing educational and application software.

The Urdan Conference Room serves as the site for resident educational activities such as resident morning report, rounds and communication meetings.