Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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Applicants must meet ONE of the following educational pathways:
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Explanation of Patient Care Requirements

The prerequisite requirement of a patient care is necessary due to the length of the sonography program and the concentrated sonography curriculum. The program curriculum does not include basic patient care coursework.

Examples of patient care course content that are central to the sonography program include: infection control, aseptic technique, communication techniques and regulations, history-taking skills, chart use and recording, basic patient care and safety, ergonomics, vital signs, suction, oxygen, crash cart, venipuncture, pharmacology, allergic reactions and medical emergencies.

Applicants must demonstrate health care experience sufficient for the development of an understanding of the sonographer role, of the health care environment, and of their own aptitude for the sonography profession. Direct patient care experience is necessary to ensure a level of proficiency needed to be successful in the sonography program.

The sonography clinical education component of the program requires an immediate ability to focus on sonography-specific skills. Therefore, basic patient care skills are required upon admission to the program.

The minimum patient care hours as defined in each perquisite are:

  • Prerequisite 1 – 200 hours
  • Prerequisite 2 & 3 – 100 hours