Aurora Oshkosh / Fond du Lac Market

Welcome to the student experience page for the Aurora Oshkosh / Fond du Lac Market. This market includes an 84 bed hospital (Aurora Medical Center Oshkosh – AMCO), 12 clinics, VNA and other ambulatory services.

For clinical placement information click on, find the Student Clinical Placements tab and complete requested forms as indicated.

All Students and Instructor Orientation

  • Nursing students – please scroll down to additional required information prior to clinical experience

Helpful Information Before You Start/oshkosh:

Step 1: Click on to review the Orientation Instructions; complete the following two modules in this order:

  • FVHCA: Infection Control – Bloodborne Pathogens/OSHA – Safety Orientation
  • FVHCA: HIPAA-Confidentiality-Compliance Orientation module

Step 2: Complete the Aurora Oshkosh / Fond du Lac Market Orientation module on-line: Click Here

Step 3: Print ONE of the Orientation Checklists below applicable to your student experience:

Complete the checklist with your preceptor or instructor. Sign and turn in to AMCO Education Department.

Step 4: Submit the following forms to your clinical instructor or school coordinator AFTER you complete on-line orientation:

  • FVHCA Form A: Confidentiality Agreement *
  • FVHCA Form B: Orientation Modules 1 and 2 Completion Form *
  • FVHCA Form C: Organization Specific Orientation Confirmation Form *

* These forms must be on file with your school for regulatory purposes.

Clinical Instructors

* Please return badge when clinical experience is completed

Nursing Students and Clinical Instructors

Nursing students and clinical instructors – please review the following prior to your clinical experience:

Smart Chart Documentation

Tips for Instructors

Teaching Materials

Happy Learning and Welcome to Aurora!

For questions, please contact Barb Bloch, Clinical Nurse Educator and Student Coordinator and leave a message at (920) 456-7795 or email

For urgent concerns or requests, please contact:

The Education Department
Priscilla Buteyn
Aurora Medical Center Oshkosh
855 N. Westhaven Dr. Oshkosh, WI 54904
Office: (920) 456-7196 or (920) 456-7347
Fax: (920) 456-7348