Welcome Instructors and Nursing Students

We are proud to sponsor Fall 2019 nursing clinical rotations at our Aurora locations.

Here you will find information for instructors and students working at: Aurora Lakeland Medical Center, Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Aurora Medical Center Kenosha, Aurora Medical Center in Summit, Aurora Medical Center in Washington County, Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington, Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, Aurora Sinai Medical Center, Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center, Aurora St. Luke's South Shore, and Aurora West Allis Medical Center.

The information on this site is updated prior to the start of each new semester and is the "source of truth" for policies, procedures and requirements for the upcoming semester. Information downloaded and saved to your computer in the past may now be out-of-date! Make sure you have the latest information directly from this website.

Follow These 3 Steps for Student and Instructor Orientation!

To prepare for clinical rotation, all instructors AND students need to:

Step 1. Download and review all Pre-Site Orientation Materials, then:

Step 2. Review and complete all On-Site Orientation Checklist items (this will be led by the instructor)

Students: STOP! Don't proceed to Step 3, "Submission of required electronic forms", until directed by your Instructor!

Step 3. Submit a required electronic (online) form verifying:

  1. Personal Information and Role
  2. Confidentiality and Compliance Agreement
  3. Confirmation that all required checklist items are reviewed/complete
  4. Minimum Necessary Use of Information

Clinical instructors have additional faculty-specific requirements they must complete. Instructions are outlined in "Faculty-Specific Orientation" site section.

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This site contains other resources and information you may find helpful including:

Questions about the orientation process, checklists, or anything else related to Clinical Rotations? Please Contact Us. We would be happy to help.