Clinical Trials

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Why Choose Aurora Health Care for Your Clinical Trials?

Clinical TrialsAurora Health Care was developed around the single idea: there is always a better way to provide health care. Physicians and staff of our integrated health care delivery system believe this mission is well served through participation in clinical research and innovation.

Aurora's Patient-Centered Research has a strong history of partnering with pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, contract research organizations, and government agencies to perform Phase II, III and IV drug trials as well as pilot, pivotal, and post-market approval device trials.

Clinical Trials efforts align with key Aurora services, such as cardiovascular, oncology, women’s health, gastroenterology and neurology. Participation in additional trials are expanding as new opportunities arise.

What Can Aurora's Patient-Centered Research offer?

Rapid Recruitment of Patients
With more than 3,300 affiliated physicians, Aurora offers sponsors the option of multiple physician participation resulting in rapid recruitment for clinical studies. Aurora Health Care's network of 15 hospitals and 100 plus clinics spans southeastern Wisconsin, and cares for more than 1.2 million patients annually.

Diverse Populations
Gaining access to the appropriate populations is a well-known challenge with clinical studies. Aurora provides access to diverse populations thanks to the geographic span of Aurora facilities and the demographics of eastern Wisconsin.

Aurora is committed to community education to alleviate misconceptions about clinical research and enhance participation rates. The Clinical Trials Education Network of Wisconsin is a valuable resource for patients with questions or concerns about clinical trial participation.

Central Coordination of Clinical Research at Aurora Health Care
Patient-Centered Research coordinates research efforts throughout the Aurora Health Care system. Aurora's ability to provide collaboration between multiple investigators for single site research provides study sponsors the opportunity to become partners in productive study participation.

Aurora's expansive clinical database, ORBIT, allows accurate predictions of study eligible patients by geographic locale, treating physician, and inclusion/exclusion criteria. Sponsors are encouraged to contact Patient-Centered Research for information on potential principal investigators or patient populations for upcoming study opportunities.

Patient-Centered Research provides services that benefit sponsors, including:

  • A dedicated team of clinical research coordinators, certified by ACRP or SoCRA
  • A local Institutional Review Board (IRB) that meets every other week
  • Specialists dedicated to budget and coverage analysis preparation and contract review
  • A public relations department committed to working with sponsors for research awareness and news releases
  • A research compliance officer providing internal audits of regulatory and billing compliance
  • A clinical trials management system to manage invoicing and accounting activities
  • A well-developed education program with a dedicated educator to provide outcome-based learning opportunities for new staff, continuing education opportunities for all staff and remedial training as needed
  • Strategic planning for long-term research opportunities

Quality Assurance
Adherence to research protocols is crucial to a successful clinical study. Routine random internal audits are performed to maintain high quality research in accordance with GCP.

How Does a Sponsor Approach Aurora with a Potential Study?

The Research Administration office of Aurora Health Care serves as the front door for research. Sponsors are encouraged to use the "contact us" information included in this website to be put in touch with a manager for appropriate trial selection activities. Aurora asks that sponsor complete an external feasibility tool to measure the consistencies and inconsistencies present between Aurora and the sponsor.