Investigator-Initiated Research

Research TeamThe Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR) area is a key component within the Aurora Research Institute. IIR's mission is to develop, facilitate and conduct patient-centered outcomes research by promoting excellence in the delivery of quality health care in accordance with Aurora Health Care’s strategic initiatives.

This research is initiated by a team of scientists that collaborates with other internal and external investigators to conduct high-quality, ethical research rooted in meritorious scientific processes that lead to meaningful outcomes.

Dimensions of Patient-Centered Outcomes

The outcomes for IIR studies are spread across four dimensions:

  1. Communicating new knowledge - Numerous publications, standards of practice, refined techniques, policies and procedures enter the health and medical fields through shared knowledge.
  2. Community - Benefits to the community through awareness, education or services.
  3. Individual patient and populations - Improvements in the patient outcomes and managing the health of populations as a result of studies performed.
  4. System/Institutional - Improved efficiencies in institutional processes or operating costs (return on investment or ROI) providing system improvements.

Guiding Principles

IIR develops and supports research, education and programmatic initiatives by partnering with investigators across the Aurora system. The IIR department’s guiding principles are to provide:

  • Commitment to collaborative clinical research with defined, measurable patient-centered outcomes.
  • Implementation and identification of metrics/milestones with a focus on relevant and transformational research that will lead to enhanced patient care outcomes and new discoveries.
  • Scientific consultation in project planning, design and analysis.
  • Honesty, integrity, collaboration and teamwork by having transparency during study design review processes and during the dissemination of results through professional scholarly activities (e.g., scientific presentations, peer-reviewed manuscripts).
  • Effective and efficient use of resources.

The IIR team strives to establish strategic scientific relationships with local researchers and clinicians, as well as scientists in other regions of the country interested in collaborating with Aurora. The team expands the health care knowledge base through scholarly activity and translates results of research studies – to improve outcomes and promote excellence in the delivery of health care.

IIR Service Areas

The scientific expertise of the team is focused on Aurora’s strategic initiatives in core service areas (cancer/oncology, cardiovascular, neuroscience, women’s health) and emerging service areas of research innovation (e.g., gastroenterology, underserved populations, geriatrics/aging, orthopedics, transplant, biomedical, behavioral health, wellness/chronic disease prevention, nursing).

Initiation of an Investigator-Initiated Study

Substantial time and resources are spent developing and conducting investigator-initiated research. To ensure that all active proposals have scientific merit and appropriate support, all projects must first receive preauthorization through the Research Administrative Preauthorization process. IIR has also provided a Clinical Trial Protocol Template in the toolkit, which can be used in the design and development of protocols for Clinical Trials.