Endocrine Research

Endocrine ResearchCurrent Projects

Within Aurora Health Care:

  • Nalini Guda, MD.Gastroenterology – pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer research.
  • David Kramer MD – Critical Care Medicine – Critical Illness and the HPA Axis


  • Hariprasad Trivedi, MD– Medical College of Wisconsin – HPA axis in human renal failure.
  • Adrian Miranda, MD – Medical College of Wisconsin, pediatric cyclic vomiting syndrome
  • Carol Everson PhD – Medical College of Wisconsin, HPA axis during chronic sleep deprivation
  • Thangam Venkatesan, MD– Medical College of Wisconsin, adult cyclic vomiting syndrome
  • William Cullinan, PhD – Marquette University – stress research
  • Lynnette Nieman, MD – NIH – Cushing’s syndrome


  1. The ACTH-independent control of the adrenal cortex during continuous acute hypoxia in the neonate.  We have discovered that newborn rats display a large adrenocortical response to hypoxia without a measurable increase in ACTH.  We are currently examining possible cellular and hormonal mechanisms of this effect.
  2. The HPA and SNS axes in response to cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS) in children and adults.  CVS is a devastating disease that severely disrupts lifestyle.  It is associated with migraine.  We are currently collaborating with investigators to determine if the hormonal stress response (measured by the salivary surrogates cortisol and alpha-amylase) precedes episodes of CVS.
  3. The HPA axis circadian rhythm in end-stage renal disease (ESRD).  This just completed study demonstrates that salivary cortisol is a useful surrogate for plasma cortisol in ESRD and that a significant number of ESRD patients have a disrupted HPA axis circadian rhythm. We are currently examining the hormonal control of phosphorus in this patient population.
  4. Critical illness (i.e. sepsis) has dramatic effects on the HPA axis. In collaboration with the ICUs at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, we are just starting a project evaluating the potential role of ACTH modifications in this process.

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