Comprehensive Breast Care Center - Aurora Sinai Medical Center

The Comprehensive Breast Care Center at Aurora Sinai Medical Center was founded in 1982 by William Donegan, MD. Today, the breast care program, led by Judy Tjoe, MD and supported by Aurora Health Care's System Breast Quality Committee, continues to cultivate his vision by providing seamless interdisciplinary care to those with benign and malignant breast disease. The Comprehensive Breast Care Center's philosophy is deeply rooted in Dr. Tjoe's commitment to ensuring patients understand their treatment options before selecting the best course for them.

Aurora Sinai provides the full spectrum of breast cancer management, a tremendous strength of the program. Within 48 hours of her desired appointment time, a newly diagnosed patient meets with clinicians from every discipline. Women's imaging, medical oncology, radiation oncology, plastic surgery, pathology, genetic counseling, nutrition, psychological counseling, clinical trials, tumor registry, outpatient surgery, inpatient surgery and physical therapy rehabilitation are all available within the same campus. Financial aid counselors and social workers also are available to help patients apply for financial assistance and physical support.

The dedication of this multidisciplinary team of clinicians and staff is evidenced by Aurora Sinai's impressive patient survival rates which continue to remain higher than the national average. This achievement is further notable since Aurora Sinai largely serves uninsured or under-insured patients who often present with advanced stages of disease. Aurora Sinai's breast care program’s reputation is not only recognized locally, but also among a growing number of patients from across the country and world.

Recently, the Comprehensive Breast Care Center introduced Team Phoenix, an innovative physician directed sprint triathlon training program for breast cancer patients and survivors. The goal of the program is to help breast cancer patients and survivors be physically fit and foster the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors. This not only counters many cancer treatment side effects, but ultimately empowers participants to take control of their health.

The success of the Comprehensive Breast Care Center research is attributable to its team approach and resources. The Aurora Sinai Comprehensive Breast Care Fund, an endowment for the enhancement of patient care, continues to be generously supported by donors – further establishing the program’s reputation.