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Measuring Health

Measuring the Health of Milwaukee

The Center for Urban Population Health (CUPH) and the City of Milwaukee Health Department have prepared the Milwaukee Health Report by analyzing local data in order to update information on the relationship between health and socioeconomic status.

The goal of this report is to provide policymakers and community organizations with meaningful information that can be used in addressing Milwaukee’s health issues.

Now in its fourth year, this report continues to summarize the current health of Milwaukee, as well as the distribution of key factors that may have implications for future health.

Want to Learn More?

Center for Urban Population Health

There are multiple ways to learn more about the Milwaukee Health Report. Download the report at

View the full four page profile of the Milwaukee Health Report as part of the celebration of the Power of 10.

In addition, CUPH are pleased to share two videos created to provide an additional resource for those interested in understanding the process and project.

The Milwaukee Health Report video talks with a few individuals who use the report and provides insight to how the report has supported their missions.

Unplugged: The Milwaukee Health Report provides a simple and brief overview of the methodology and findings of the report. This video is without PowerPoint presentations or podiums, just our staff and a whiteboard.

Tracking Health Care Improvement

The Milwaukee Health Care Partnership brings together health care providers, government agencies, and community organizations to develop and implement a plan for change. Through education and action, they are working together to increase access to quality health care and create a healthier future for Milwaukee residents.

Founded in January 2007, the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership demonstrates that through collaboration, better plans can be implemented that address the needs of our community, and ultimately increase access and improve health outcomes – especially for those who are most vulnerable.

CUPH is contracted by the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership (MHCP) to develop and continually update a series of data reports that monitor health care coverage and utilization by the community. The Center assists in tracking performance data so that the MHCP can measure progress as it works to improve health care coverage, access and care coordination for un- and underinsured individuals in Milwaukee County. In addition, CUPH is available to analyze data and generate special reports upon request. Learn more about this collaboration in this four page project profile.

The Health of Milwaukee

CUPH is proud to offer this a new website as a resource for our academic, community and governmental partners found at

The goal. This website supports one of the Center’s strategic goals to promote the interaction among producers and users of research to inform effective programs, policies and interventions.

The aim. The Health of Milwaukee is a platform to share local health related reports, publications and information in a centralized site that aims to reduce the barriers of use and support knowledge transfer among those creating and implementing policies, programs and seeking to improve practices in Milwaukee.

Share. The Health of Milwaukee is free and open to the public. The reports, publication and information are not solely Center materials. The content comes from a variety of sources. If an individual or organization has a report or publication focusing on the public and population- level health of the greater Milwaukee area and would like to share it, feel free to submit the work and share it here.