Personalized Medicine (ORBIT)

Current Projects

Open Source Robotic Biorepository and Informatics Technology (ORBIT)The Open-Access Robotic Biorepository and Informatics Technology (ORBIT) program is a totally automated genomic library of blood samples linked to electronic health information for the purpose of testing new technologies and evaluating new therapies and treatments. It is hoped that knowledge gained from ORBIT will continue advancing Aurora Health Care’s ability to provide personalized medical care that meets the specific needs of each patient.

Below are the program’s current projects:

Oracle Health Sciences Network

  • Aurora's participation in the development of the Oracle Health Sciences Network connects health care providers with life sciences companies in an effort to more rapidly deliver innovative therapies to patients. The project focuses on the secondary use of clinical data for improving processes for clinical studies including comparative effectiveness research, safety monitoring and long-term observational studies.

Research Projects

  • Autoantibodies to tumor antigens in cancer for development of laboratory-based assays. This project is designed to evaluate the frequency of the development of antibodies to the patient’s own tumor and to characterize the function of these antibodies.
  • Characterization of autoantibodies to the angiotensin receptor (AT1R) for assay validation. This project is designed to capture clinical samples that might contain autoantibodies to Angiotensin Receptor for the purpose of validating an AT1R assay. The long term goal is to study AT1R antibodies in the setting of cardiovascular disease, transplantation, and pregnancy.