Personalized Medicine (ORBIT)


Personalized Medicine (ORBIT)Aurora research activities, supported by ORBIT, help Aurora Health Care maintain high-quality services through collaborative efforts with companies that innovate in the areas of medical informatics, diagnostics and therapeutics. Specifically, ORBIT enables:

  • More efficient research and development of new therapeutics and molecular diagnostics.
  • Streamlined refinement of medical practices at Aurora Health Care through comparative effectiveness research – with the potential to extend positive outcomes to other organizations.


Aurora Health Care and Oracle®, a global leader in database development, have partnered with several other leading organizations to establish the Oracle® Health Science Network. Designed to advance clinical research, this portfolio of integrated, cloud-based applications will enable health care providers and research institutions to collaborate more efficiently with life sciences organizations using de-identified health data. The network will further scientific inquiry while safeguarding patient privacy.


iSpecimen provides life scientists with a rich source of high-quality human biospecimens for their research and development programs. The company’s pioneering technology allows it to search through millions of patient specimens flowing through its partner network of clinical laboratories each year to find biospecimens based on associated laboratory and medical record data. These specimens, most of which would otherwise be discarded after clinical testing, exactly match patient cohort criteria and provide a steady supply of richly-annotated human biospecimens for a variety of basic and translational research. For more information about iSpecimen, please visit