Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews

Jounal of Patient-Centered Research and ReviewsThe Fall 2016 issue (PDF, 3.2MB) of Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews (JPCRR), a specialty release focused on conditions related to cardiovascular aging, is now available!

Depending on many patient factors, including genetics, lifestyle and environment, a person's heart organ can be figuratively older or younger than chronological age may indicate. Aging itself is a factor that contributes to changes in heart function at a cellular level. This issue of JPCRR centers on how cardiovascular diseases common to elderly patients can be approached in the context of this vulnerable population.

Reports featured in Volume 3, Issue 4 include original research on the relationship between atrial fibrillation and acute mesenteric ischemia; a laboratory experiment using mouse embryonic cells to identify the cellular mechanisms responsible for triggering excessive scarring of heart tissue; a review of new treatment options for patients too old to qualify for heart transplants; a review of the effects cardiac diseases can have on the ion protein channels that modulate heart cell function; a review of how physicians can best balance preventing stroke with preventing bleeding when medicating elderly patients with atrial fibrillation; a clinical inquiry into whether inferior vena cava measurement obtained by bedside ultrasound are as accurate in identifying congestive heart failure as blood testing; and the proceedings supplement for the 2016 Aurora Scientific Day research symposium.

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JPCRR is focused on scholarly works devoted to improving patient care through research and discovery. A quarterly publication, JPCRR features peer-reviewed original research and reviews for a multidisciplinary audience in medicine, health care, prevention, and translational and basic science.

Issues include:

  • Original Research
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Narrative Reviews
  • Editorials and Topics
  • Patient-Centered Essays
  • Supplemental Content

Manuscript submissions on general medical topics are welcome at any time. The journal also has several open calls for papers from specific specialties. To be considered for inclusion in one of these upcoming special issues, authors are strongly encouraged to submit manuscripts relating to Neurological Disorders by January 15 and Health Disparities by July 1.

To submit a paper to JPCRR, follow the instructions provided at For other inquires, please contact Dennis Baumgardner, MD, editor-in-chief, at 414-219-5191.


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