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Jounal of Patient-Centered Research and ReviewsThe Spring 2016 issue (PDF, 4.2MB) of Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews (JPCRR), a special release focused on infectious disease, is now available!

Bacterial infections run the gamut from barely noticeable to downright scary, the latter epitomized by the recent rash of deaths caused by Elizabethkingia anophelis. In a most timely and comforting editorial, Aurora's System Director of Infection Prevention Angela Tonozzi, MD, explains how by working together and following an epidemiological path forged more than a century ago, clinicians and researchers across the region will identify the source of this outbreak.

Other reports featured in this issue include local rates of maternal group B Streptococcus and its impact on infant death; the clinical approach to nonresponsive pneumonia in an outpatient setting; identification of potential geographic contributors to the spread of blastomycosis in eastern Wisconsin; a review of disease-causing residential fungi found in the Midwest; and a synopsis of current recommendations for administering pneumococcal vaccines to adults over 65 years old.

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JPCRR is focused on scholarly works devoted to improving patient care through research and discovery. A quarterly publication, JPCRR features peer-reviewed original research and reviews for a multidisciplinary audience in medicine, health care, prevention, and translational and basic science.

Issues include:

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Manuscript submissions on general medical topics are welcome at any time. The journal also has several open calls for papers from specific specialties. To be considered for inclusion in one of these upcoming special issues, authors are strongly encouraged to submit manuscripts relating to Cardiovascular Aging by July 1, 2016, Neurological Disorders by October 1, 2016, and Health Disparities by April 1, 2017.

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