Sponsored Programs Office

Find Funding

Research FundingThe Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) can help Aurora Health Care program directors/principal investigators (PD/PI) identify external and internal funding sources for research projects.

Extramural/External Funding

A number of tools and resources are available to aid in identifying external sponsors. For assistance in targeting external sponsors, Aurora Health Care PD/PIs can:

  1. Contact (414) 219-4763 or spo@aurora.org to add names to the SPO's weekly funding opportunities email list and/or
  2. Complete the Funding Needs Form (PDF, 1341 KB) to request a funding search for a targeted/specific project. 

Intramural/Internal Funding

The Aurora Research Institute and Aurora Health Care Foundation offers three internally-funded grant programs to Aurora investigators. The purpose of these awards is to:

  • Promote research in key service areas.
  • Provide pilot funding to investigators.
  • Inform investigators on the processes, tools and techniques involved in designing and carrying out sponsored research studies.

Detailed application guidelines for each program, can be found in the Intramural Research Awards Guidelines, and a summary of each program’s research focus is listed

Cardiac Research Award

  • Research focus – Facilitate scientific and medical research related to the heart including but not limited to: clinical or any other aspect of cardiology, interventional cardiology and electrophysiology.
  • Award – $40,000/year

Cardiovascular Surgery Research Award

  • Research focus – Facilitate research related to cardiovascular surgeries including but not limited to cardiac, cardiothoracic, thoracic and/or transplant surgeries.
  • Award – $50,000/year

Aurora Cancer Care Research Award

  • Research focus – Advance research that will lead to the eradication of cancer and improve patient outcomes through detection, treatment, education and prevention.
  • Award – $25,000/year

Considerations when Looking for Funding

  • Understanding whether your project/idea is research or non-research/programmatic will narrow down your search for funding.
  • Thinking about the service area and population affected by your project can help to identify a variety of potential funding sources, groups/locations and focus-specific funders.
  • Google.com can be a great place to start. Enter a keyword (or a phrase in quotes) along with the words "grant" or "funding".

Helpful Links

Subscribing to LISTSERVS is an excellent way to stay current with open funding opportunities.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Other Federal Grant Agencies
Non-Federal Grantors

Funding References

  • Grants.gov – Primary listing of all program announcements for Federal agencies and sponsors (e.g. NIH, DoD, NSF, AHRQ)
  • ScanGrants – A public service listing of grants and other funding types to support health-related research, programs and scholarships
  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)– Contains detailed program descriptions for Federal assistance programs.
  • Community of Science (COS)– A global source for funding opportunities available to visitors at the Marquette University Raynor Library.
  • GuideStar – Published information about nonprofit organizations.
  • Foundation Center – Maintains the most comprehensive database on grant-makers.

Please contact SPO for further information and assistance.