Continuous Quality Improvement

Aurora South Region EMS is committed to the highest standards of care for the customers that we serve. We are committed to the continuous process of improving of the care our provider partners give in the field. To this goal, we have instituted the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process. A predetermined listing of types of calls will be monitored. Care given in the field will be reviewed, using the PCR completed in WARDS, as compared to the standards presented in the South Region Protocols. Many monitors will be completed monthly, while others may be quarterly, or even seasonal. Annual totals will be reviewed as well. Each provider department will receive reports monthly.

EMS CQI monitors

The listing below outlines the categories of patient care that we will be monitoring and when the monitors will take place. Bold denotes protocol number.


  • Chest Pain - STEMI C-1
  • Respiratory/Cardiac Arrest
  • Withdrawal of Life Sustaining Efforts A-18
  • Airway management:
  • Intubation: RSI, R-2 ETT, Combitube, cric A-27 CPAP A-24
  • Pain Management: (Fentanyl or Morphine Sulfate Administration) A-25
  • Sedation Management (Versed, Ativan, Etomidate) A-26
  • EZ IO A-22
  • Major Trauma (specifically those transferred to a Level 1 or should have been) SERTAC GUIDE
  • Pediatric Trauma
  • Selective C-spine A-23
  • CVA/Stroke M-5
  • Burns T-13, T-14

May and September

  • Asthma R-3
  • COPD R-3

Jan, April, August, December

  • Diabetes M-1
  • Syncope M-2

November - March

  • Cold emergencies M-11 – 12

January, February, March

  • Overdose M-8
  • Psychological Emergencies A-28

June, July, August, September, October

  • Allergic Reaction R-4
  • Hyperthermia M-10